On-site Massage Packages

Offering a range of flexible therapeutic on-site massage options to suit the needs of the individuals of the business

On-site Massage

Company Pays

Package 1

On-site Massage

Company Subsidises

Package 2

For the company paid option for on-site massage

  • We find a massage package that suits your budget and staff requirements.

  • We send an invoice after the session for the quoted massage package the team enjoyed. 

  • A minimum 2h booking time applies.

A company can choose to subsidise the staff sessions as well. 

  • The company and staff agree on a percentage that each will cover.  

  • The company will be invoiced after, while the staff will pay on the day.

  • Eftpos is available. 

  • A minimum 2h booking time applies.

On-site Massage

 Staff Pays

Package 3

On-site Massage for your Conference or Event

Event Package

This is a great option when the company will contribute time to receive on-site treatment. 

  • Staff to cover 100% of the cost.  

  • All staff sessions must be pre-booked.

  • Relax and Focus can supply a template booking schedule if needed for the workplace

  • A minimum 3h booking time applies.

  • Choose a 15-min, 20-min or a 30-min massage session.

  • Are you organizing an Event?

  • Are you an Event manager or

  • On a Well-being committee looking for new ideas? 

  • Surveys show chair massage help with attendee satisfaction.

  • Why not set up a Lounge-area where attendees can enjoy a 10-15 minute massage session before moving on to the next speaker?

  • Chair massages are considered a plus at any size event. 


Workplace Massage Enquiries

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