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Welcome to Relax & Focus Workplace Massage

Get a Quote or Contact Michele today to:
  • Create a Stress - Free Workplace
  • Take the Stress out of employees work day
  • Give your employees a great incentive
  • Select one of our Flexible On-site Massage Options
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improving performance by reducing stress
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Taking care of individuals well-being
  • ​​Our therapist will come to your workplace
  • Only 15-30 minute chair, table massage within the workplace
  • Employees will feel energized and revived.

Office & Workplace

We understand due to busy lifestyles, time and pressure restraints employees may ignore their health issues. This is why we have introduced On-Site Therapeutic Massage within the workplace.


What can employers do to help your employees?

  • Book for our therapist to come into the workplace for an On-site Therapeutic Massage Service.

  • Therapeutic massage helps facilitate relaxation.

  • Demonstrate to employees employers care about their well-being.

  • Reduce workplace fatigue.

  • Choose a suitable massage option to meet the individual needs of your business.


What will employees get?

  • Help employees get a massage within the workplace.

  • No need to leave work to get a massage.

  • 15-30 mins energized massage fully clothed.

  • Taking a "Me Time Break".

  • An opportunity for employees to take part in a regular self-plan schedule and setting new goals.


After treatment what will employees will feel and notice? 

  • A decrease in stress levels.

  • Energy levels lifted increasing productivity.

  • A decrease in tight muscles from becoming injured.

  • Relief of headaches.

  • Relaxed tight back; neck; shoulders and arm muscles.

  • Encouragement of correct posture.

  • Boost of their self esteem.  

  • Begin to take care of their well-being.

Massage can be given on

  • Massage chair

  • Massage table

  • At the desk

  • Roaming (seated in normal chairs)

Relax & Focus Workplace Massage Clients

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Since Relax & Focus Massage and our employer has invited us to attend on-site massage at work. Massage has made a difference from sitting at a desk all day. It has helped me  to continue my day at work without feeling aches and pains in my neck, shoulders also less stressful.

Paul, Office Worker

We totally recommend Relax & Focus Massage we both have a fortnightly massage and so look forward to it.

I had a problem of swelling of the feet and ankles......for over 2 years but not anymore. Relax & Focus Massage worked on these areas ....now I have ankles and feet. 

My hubby Gary gets amazing relief with his shoulders and back massage..... he wouldn't be able to cope with the pain ....... before he started his regular massages. Thanks you are doing an amazing job and we both have amazing results after our massages cant wait for the next one😁

Gaylene, Caregiver &  Gary, Truck Driver

Relax & Focus comes out to our home every week to do a mobile massage for my mother who is bedridden. Thank you for providing this service as it helps her to release muscular tension aches and pains she suffers on a daily basis. My mother always looks forward to her massages as it provides relief and relaxation.

Amy, Caregiver 

Gaylene, Caregiver &  Gary, Truck Driver

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